About the Author


Ric DeMarco is a man of extraordinary vision and creativity in an everyday world. Ric is someone who sees and experiences delight in life’s common events. DeMarco’s passion and intuition allows him to recognize and communicate the beauty of what is unfolding around him.


The Adventures Of Knox The Fox was born out of hikes Ric and his wife Debbie were taking in Idaho. Each morning Ric and Debbie would be see a beautiful Red Fox lying in the sun on a big rock boulder. On the second morning and after seeing the same Fox lying on the same boulder, Ric named the Fox, Knox. And each morning thereafter, Ric and Debbie would say, “Good morning Knox!”


When Ric and Debbie returned home, Ric wrote the rhyming children’s story entitled, The Adventures Of Knox The Fox. Soon after and working in concert with artist Vicki Schuck,

The Adventures Of Knox were colorfully brought to life!

Ric has been mentoring and life coaching people for over 35 years. His deep investment in the lives of hundreds of people, give him a unique perspective into the human condition. DeMarco has the ability to connect with folks of incredibly diverse backgrounds and help them see themselves and life with greater hope and clarity.

DeMarco’s first book, The River And I, has been a healing and hope filled remedy for his readers. The Adventures of Knox The Fox carries the mark of whimsy, learning and fun for readers young and old.  This book is being used by educators to promote character building and art direction.

Ric is married to his wife Debbie. Together they have three children, four grandchildren and have lived in a playground called Bend, Oregon for 41 years.